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Icepaws Kennels has helped in rescue and rehomeing Alaskan Malamutes,  Huskies type breeds.


All are desexed vaccinated and microchipped before leaveing for there new approved home.

Below are some photos of successfull rehomeing or some lovely dogs if you are after a  artic breed please contact


If i have any available to be rehomed please check the page below Adults Rehomeing

If you need help with your fluff but please email me as well.

Lucy came to me in march of 2013 she was a scared girl that took a while to warm. When she left Icepaws she had a hole new lease on life. She always has a friendly smile for you.
Meet Sky the red husky rehomed after her owners never reclaimed her after the 2010 floods.
Harli the Great Dane is big lad was given away to Pig Hunter and returned back to the owner after he was used over all of there bitches. I rescued this big kid and he is now living life out on a large rural acreage :) one very luck boy.
Midnight came to me late 2014 with very bad recessive guarding problems. With a lot of work Midnight, overcome her bad temperament and is LOVEING LIFE with a lovely couple as there only child. Every rescue teaches you something new, I thank a good friend Alex for her help with the success of rescue and re homing Midnight now Middy. Hugs little girl <3
This boy was a rescue from a bad situation at 13 kilos by the RSPCA after killing a pocket pet from the first home that RSPCA put him in. He came to me tagged to be P.T.S. and was waiting his death sentence on his flight to Brisbane. I contacted the local rescue in Brisbane to go rescue him. After 2 weeks of being with me and his flight to Brisbane the rescue pick him up and he went to his new amazing forever home... He was a extremely lucky boy
Yes its a Joey Kangaroo that lost her mummy due to being hit by a car. Named Holly she stayed with me for 72 hours till i took her to a rescue. She was amazing.
The Malamute rescue in Brisbane contacted me with this boy to pick up from the pound. OMG he is big.... bred by the backyard breeder Sandown. He was de sexed and rehomed and yes has a amazing home with people that give him everything he needs. He comes back for visits which i love.
Sonny came to me as a 8 year old surrender in April 2021.



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L Boulton
Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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